Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Focusky: PowerPoint Alternative Brings New HTML5 Presentation Technology

Focusky is a world popular brand known for being the best  PowerPoint alternative helping presenters create attractive and interactive presentations. Now, the company is proud to announce another great upgrade to their software, which significantly facilitates the work of all digital publishers.

Focusky is delighted to announce the introduction of the special HTML5 presentation technology to their software. This update enables the users to publish their presentations as HTML5 web pages and reach much larger audience than before.

The new HTML5 presentation technology integrated into the Focusky software enables publishers to make their presentations in a mobile friendly version. The published presentations are now compatible to mobile platform and devices. People can easily open the presentations on their iPad, iPhone, or Android phones and conveniently read them. Thus, PowerPoint alternative gives users the chance to maximally expand their target audience and get ready for incredible business growth.

Since the life of the modern people is unthinkable without mobile phones, prospects from near and far can use their mobile devices to open the Focusky presentations and enjoy their interactive content. Focusky enables users to publish the presentations in mobile-friendly format. It will let the audiences from all over the world to feel freely to access the presentations at anytime and anywhere.

Jason Chan, President of Focusky, says: "We are happy to announce the integration of HTML5 Presentation Technology in our software, which is a big step that the company did. This upgrade will help our customers to fully benefit from our PowerPoint alternative that will have obvious positive results on their business."

Focusky is continued to upgrade with the new features. In the near future, it will be the powerful tool for digital presentation of everyone.   For more information on the newest Focusky's upgrade, please visit http://focusky.com.

About Focusky:

Focusky is a world leader in creating professional and stunning presentations. The option for creating powerful html5 presentations allows all customers to attract much more prospects and clients than they have ever dreamt of.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Focusky Presentation Maker Continues to Enrich Presentations with Media

Focusky is a popular presentation maker that is used to make rich-media presentations that are highly engaging and attention grabbing. The platform works as both online and offline tool and is now trusted by many across the world as a powerful best PowerPoint alternative since the time of its launch, six years ago. The tool comes with full set of features that allow anyone to make rich-media presentations that are much more eye-catching and appealing to the audiences.

Using the Focusky presentation maker, the users can add YouTube videos, local videos, audio file, images, photo slideshow, shapes, text, layouts, links and flash animation to make their presentations more interesting. The tools are aimed to be a perfect solution for the boring PowerPoint presentations by enabling the users to create more effective works.
Focusky tool does not require any special training to create the presentations but can be used by anyone having basic computer knowledge. It also does not require any coding or programming knowledge. The users can get professional results with this presentation maker in as less as 5 minutes. They can add infinite canvas along with unlimited zoom and pan effects. The transition animation is super smooth with 3D camera option. The users can also use the pre-designed template and styles along with built-in animation tools with dynamic characters to make rich-media presentations.

Focusky comes with whiteboard animation integration and the presentations can also be shared and presented from anywhere. The presentation maker can also be used to create professional looking charts and graphs with just one click. By simply inserting information and applying custom-designed themes, the user can create a variety of graphs including Bar chart, pie chart, and others.
The user can also use several professionally designed video backgrounds built-in into the tool. This feature enables the user to insert and play full-screen motion video behind their presentation which helps in keeping the user energized and more interested in the presentation.
Focusky presentation maker is a convenient tool to convert boring, conventional presentations into lively and more engaging ones. Moreover, the software is free of cost and more information about it can be found on the official website of Focusky.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Focusky Video Presentation Software Now Enables Easy Social and Sharing

Focusky Video Presentation Software Now Enables Easy Social and Sharing

After quickly becoming a leading PowerPoint alternative for personal and business use, Focusky now offers video presentation software to customers around the world. In addition to being convenient, user friendly and accessible from practically any computer, Focusky has also ensured that presentations created with their software are easily shareable via a variety of social media platforms.

When asked about this new addition, spokesman, Jason Chen states, “At Focusky, we work to provide the very best PowerPoint alternative to presenters, and this new video presentation software is a necessary addition for our current and future customers.”
Customers choosing to take advantage of this new product will be able to create online presentations, share them with audiences across multiple platforms of their choosing.

Understanding the growing use of social media, Focusky has enabled customers to share presentations via:
Unique presentation URL to share directly or embed (in blogs, websites, etc.)
Upload to popular video sharing sites, like YouTube
Share buttons within the software for sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more
Like with all other additions to the Focusky line of products, the attention is on the end user, delivering a clean, innovative, easy to use software. Dynamic, original, engaging presentations, now in shareable video formats suited to the most popular social media platforms are simple to create and publish for viewing by friends, clients, and followers alike.
For more information, or to sign up for your own free account, visit http://focusky.com
About Focusky Software Co., Ltd
Established in 2010, China based Focusky Software Co. Ltd is a professional Science and Technology Software provider. Involved in the development and distribution of online presentation software for the last 6 years, Focusky has gained a faithful following that is continually growing by supplying users with inventive, convenient, and useful software to meet their presentation needs.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

AnyFlip--Powerful Online Brochure Software for Marketing Agency

Nowadays, people expect the best from your published online brochure, which is why most of your viewers will leave if they don’t find your content to their expectation. For a marketing agency, if you are confronted with slow profit, analyze your published online brochure’s performances. The problem may come from the fact that your published online brochure is not engaging enough. It happens that is the best online brochure maker that is specially tailored for marketing agency.   The Reasons Why

AnyFlip is the Best Online Brochure Maker for Marketing Agency? 1. Super fast conversion It is well acknowledged that AnyFlip HTML5 flipbook maker helps you to convert your PDF file to an online brochure within minutes without any coding.  

2. Abundant templates A well-done template can save your time and effort in design.  provides abundant templates that created by advanced technology, which is convenient for you to choose the latest and suitable design.  

3. Rich Media In order to get rid of tedious presentation, AnyFlip enables you to embed audios, videos, pop-up images, animations and so on, enriching your publication and engaging your customers with an interactive experience.   4. Logo Customization  AnyFlip allows you to replace the watermark with yours, which makes your online brochure different and raises the readers’ brand awareness.   5. Secure Hosting Cloud Platform AnyFlip thinks highly of the security of the users’ online brochure data, so it adopts Amazon S3 to store users’ online brochure data. You can rest assured that your online brochure data on the cloud platform will be highly protected.   6. Super Bookmark Not only does AnyFlip allow the publisher to add a bookmark to the online brochure before publishing, but also it makes it possible for readers to insert a bookmark into your online brochure. Meanwhile, your readers can customize the bookmark randomly.
All in all, AnyFlip is the great helper for your business.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Make Online Magazines in AnyFlip and Distribute them Everywhere

Online magazines have two huge advantages over print magazines: great interactivity and wide distribution. Here comes the good news! Now you are able to make your own magazine online with AnyFlip even if you are not a professional magazine designer.
AnyFlip is an easy-to-use magazine maker to create page-flipping or sliding magazines from plain PDFs, images and MS documents. It is easily for you to publish your interactive magazines online and distribute them around the world as you wish.

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Create Interactive Magazine Contents in Minutes 

Cheer your readers up with interactive magazines now! AnyFlip allows you to make your own interactive magazines on its desktop software or its online digital publishing platform in minutes. Besides the page-flipping or sliding effect, it also ensures to deliver your magazine contents in an engaging way:
1. Comfortable magazine reading background. AnyFlip provides many beautiful pre-designed templates and themes for you to decorate your magazine reading background. You can choose appropriate template and theme for nearly all the topics.  
2.  Animated contents with rich media. It is easily for you to create interactive digital magazines with videos, audios, image slideshows, hyperlinks, flashes, shopping carts, e-commerce buttons and the more.

Distribute Online Magazines Anywhere Anytime 

Compared with print magazine distribution, online magazine distribution is a cost-saving but high-efficient way to make your digital magazines available in the world. When you upload your digital magazines online, your published magazines can be read and shared in different channels anywhere anytime:
1. Your online magazines can be read on iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. That’s to say, millions of potential mobile readers can read and share your digital magazines in a convenient way.
2. You can share your online magazines in different ways on nearly all devices. For example, share your online magazines via social media, email or QR code!  In the meanwhile, embedding them into your own website or blog is also within your control.
For more about this magazine maker, please visit AnyFlip homepage.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Create Responsive Publication on Mac with AnyFlip PDF to Flipbook Maker

Go to your blog list View blog Ashwin SIngh cyclopville · Post Create Responsive Publication on Mac with AnyFlip PDF to Flipbook Maker Publish Save Preview Close ComposeHTML Link

Are you bothering to create your own responsive digital publications on Mac? Good news for you now!  AnyFlip is an excellent PDF to flipbook maker for Mac users to create responsive eBooks, e-magazines, e-brochures, e-flyers, photo albums and other digital publications, which can be read smoothly on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Create Responsive Page Flip Publications on Mac

AnyFlip allows you to easily convert your plain PDFs into page flip digital publications on Mac. If you don’t need to import your whole PDF file, just customize the page ranges to import. No need to worry that some of digital contents in your original PDF will be lost once you convert it into a page flip one with this software. In addition, it offers an opportunity for you to enrich your digital contents with rich media including videos, audios, image slideshows, buttons, shapes and the more.

Manage Publications on AnyFlip Cloud Platform

When you upload your digital publications to AnyFlip cloud platform, you are the publisher to manage them online. On the one hand, it enables you to read, share, print and download your online digital publications. On the other hand, you can showcase all your digital publications in one bookcase and arrange them in different categories.  It is very convenient for you to manage your digital publications with this free online publishing platform.

Track Publications’ traffic with Google Analytics

When you enter your Google Analytics ID in this software, it is easy for you to keep track of your digital publications’ traffic.  Just take advantage of this analytical tool to learn and analyze your readers’ actions. And then you can adjust your digital publishing marketing strategies timely according the data you get from this analytical tool.

In conclusion, this Mac-compatible flipbook publisher AnyFlip becomes more and more popular in the digital publishing market. It not only supports you to create responsive digital content in its desktop software, but also enables you to manage your digital publications on its cloud publishing platform.  

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Friday, 30 September 2016

Online Flipbook Software to Convert PDFs into Online Flipbooks

Flipbook is definitely an interactive and responsive treatment for present traditional print books on desktop and mobile phones.  Nowadays even if you're not a professional flipbook publisher, you are able to create your own stunning flipbooks online with appropriate online flipbook software AnyFlip.
AnyFlip was designed to convert your static PDFs into interactive online flipbooks, that's suitable to get read on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.  If you want to drive more engagement to your flipbooks’ contents making them distribute immediately, than the free online flipbook creator is a great partner to suit your needs.
Convert PDFs into Flipbooks Online
AnyFlip online publishing platform enables you to create online flipbooks with page-flipping effect in seconds. The realistic page flip effect makes your flipbooks seem like a print issue in digital. The links, table of contents and bookmarks inside your original PDF may be imported into your new flipbook too. Most importantly, you do have a quicker access for a flipbooks without waiting in time loading your flipbooks.

Design Unique Flipbooks’ Contents
Whether you need to share your daily life experience, branding stories or business information in your flipbooks, AnyFlip can meet all your requirements. You can make your explanation or story vivid by adding videos, audios, image slideshows, flashes and other animated media. At the same time, if you need to promote your brand within your flipbooks, it permits you to insert your logo in virtually every part of your flipbooks.

Share Flipbooks Freely
Instead of distributing your print books one by one, your internet flipbooks might be shared at the earliest opportunity on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. For one thing, you are able to share your internet flipbooks via social websites (Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc), email and QR code. For another, embedding your flipbooks in your website or blog directly is yet another widely used approach to make them reach more readers.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Best Flip Book Maker for Attractive Magazine Publishing

Best Flip Book Maker for Attractive Magazine Publishing
To grab a person's attention, an engaging magazine plays an ever more important role with your online market. AnyFlip is usually a best flip book maker for magazine publishing, presenting your magazine in a very comprehensive and effective way.

Convert PDF to Flipbook in Minutes
As it's well known, printed books are restricted by the static texts, images along with elements, which ends up in more and more people usually read online books. AnyFlip, a best flip book maker, converts your static PDF into dynamic flip book within a few minutes without any programming skill, which engages more readers. Even you're beginner; you could make your own magazine easily with the aid of AnyFlip.

Offer Well-designed Templates and Themes for Magazine Publishing
The secret of arising the users' interest on your content is its unique and wonderful design. However, it requires you a lot of their time and efforts to end the design. Never mind, AnyFlip solves your problems through providing well-designed templates and themes for magazine publishing.

It provides you with great freedom to find the one that meets your needs. Of course, if you're not satisfied with the design and style, you may customize it as you wish. Meanwhile, it's with a pack of instinctive features, you could have enough options to take full advantage of them.

Provide 24/7 lifetime support service.
AnyFlip is built that has a drag-and-drop interface, navigating you in a very user-friendly way. So, it allows you to reach your goals step by step. Basically, you will not meet problems operational. However, if you might have any question and concern, please contact the c's responsible for it.

Not only perform the developers of AnyFlip take note of the quality of the products, but they attach great importance to your support service. Any question about AnyFlip will probably be welcome.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Install Kodi using ES File Explorer’s

I have now developed 4 different tutorials on the way to installing kodi on firestick which I have outlined below.  The first and third videos below not one of them that you use some type of computer for installing Kodi.

In my personal, easy and simple method is the very first tutorial outlined inside list below because you don’t need a pc.  You simply put in a free program from a Amazon Fire TV App Store and install Kodi on your Fire TV or Stick using that.  Pick the tutorial below that works well best for your plight!

In this video tutorials, I am going to explain to you how to set up kodi fire tv or Fire TV Stick. You may ask just what is a Fire TV?  The Fire TV is often a streaming media box manufactured by Amazon that you simply hook up to your television and yes it allows you to watch online series, movies, etc.  The Fire TV Stick does the same as the box yet it's less expensive and simpler to conceal compared to actual rectangular box.

If you try to decide whether you would like to install Kodi on the Fire TV or Stick, here are a couple things to consider.  The Fire TV Stick has less processing power thus it won’t be as snappy since the Fire TV.  Also, The Fire TV Stick doesn't have expandable storage much like the actual Fire TV.  The Fire TV means that you can add additional storage by having a micro sdcard or USB thumb drive.

If you may not currently own an Amazon Fire TV Stick, chances are you'll purchase throughout the Amazon Web site via links here – Fire TV – Fire TV Stick

In these training videos, I am showing you the best way to install Kodi on Fire TV stick rather than the box.  However, a similar instructions will make an application for each device.  There are very a few tutorials on the Internet today that explain to you how to fit Kodi on Fire TV but that one will go through everything in detail and that means you won’t mess anything up.

You may consider why you would want to setup Kodi on Fire TV?  Kodi is undoubtedly an open source media center that enables you to stream movies, tv programs, home videos, pictures, and even more over your region network or stream from the Internet through various Kodi Addons.

What is the next step after you learn how you can install Kodi on Fire TV or Stick?  Be likely to use the form on top of the page to join up for my free guide on the way to supercharge your Fire TV.  Within that guide, you will learn the best way to install the top Kodi Addons that will provide endless movies, series, sports, live tv, children shows, and many more.

Steps Necessary On How to Install Kodi on Fire TV Outlined in Video Below Instructions

Easiest! Method #1 – Install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick with the free app ES File Explorer

Refer to video tutorial below for detailed step-by-step instructions.  Below video is really a quick review of what the video will demonstrate.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Flipbuilder flipbook software Helps You Delight Readers with Responsive Content

Bu the best way, I am enjoying creating some funny online flipbook brochures and publishing online. I’m pleased with the work I do and what I created, but I incorporate some big troubles. On one hand, editing and designing contents require me to pay much of time. But most of time to editing is compact. I felt so stressed and frustrated within this thing.

On the opposite hand, I can share my projects to all or any the people on earth. Because most from the website/ software I used are limited in this particular aspect. To be honest, every one of the flipping publications are my bag, specially the digital flipping brochures. Simple texts and wonderful images can convert all of the ideas of me. For this, I spend lots of time to choose one free flipbook software which helped me to delight readers with responsive contents.

It can be so lucky that I’ve think it is - Flipbuilder, the free and professional Flipbook Software for everybody. I think it the ideal software tailored for me. Of course exactly what offers are beyond the imagination. Now I am thrilled to dig slightly deeper along with you guys in Flipbuilder.com.

Interactive Design and Functions

1.Awesome templates and themes
You've never witnessed anything in this way: plenty of templates and themes in your case, which means that you can design a specialist and amazing brochure with easy. So crazy! All of it is possible to be a design genius.
There are a variety of templates and themes that are suitable your complete needs. There is always a will for you personally.

2.Powerful Animation Editor
No one but is shocked from this amazing function of Flipbuilder. With Animation Editor, you'll be able to wake up your brochure. Choose the contents needed, and add animation effects on their behalf, give life in their mind. After these editing, your digital brochure need to be the best on the best.

3. Super Page Editor
This is undoubtedly an editor enjoys similar strength to Animation Editor. It permits you to insert just about all multimedia for your brochure, music, videos, links, slideshow, shapes, hot spots plus more. Never need to concern yourself with the enjoyments of the digital brochure, because Page Editor makes everything work.

1)Publish digital brochure to local as formats of  HTML, ZIP and EXE, and you may send them via e-mail.

2)Embed the brochure into the websites.

3)Share them via SNS.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Totally Dealing with Bitcoin Dice

Bitcoin dice games can certainly be considered as the greatest acknowledged and best popular Bitcoin accepting club games that can easily be played on the world wide web. There are many reasons behind this. Bitcoin dice gives its players the security of approaching the dice game and being able to have checkable chances on their throwings. It means that the dice roller make the decision on their own chance taken. additionally, there are differences ready for use to make the game more interesting. The dice rollers can bet either on Roll LO exclusively or on Roll HI exclusively. And there are bitcoin dice games accessible where one can gamble on one or the other of these different alternatives.
What Is Verifiable Probability

When you go at any of the Bitcoin dice rolling sites, we will surely become aware of their checkable chances. This type of confirmable odds gambling means that you would be statistically able to examine your own rolls. The term Bitcoin dice may make you assume that it is similar to any other dice game. But it is a little bit different from any other kind of traditional dice games. This is mainly because here the betting will be based on the blockchain. But there are a lot of similarities too. The probability that exists in dice rolls in case of a classic game will apply to all kinds of dice games that involve either two or more than two dice. The same would apply to bitcoin dice games too.
You will find a number of bitcoin dice strategies on the web easily. Typically these would be elaborated by the players. These strategies are required by Bitcoin gamblers as they rely on betting progressions in order to increase their bankroll while gambling. This is especially important when you are on dicing sites like Rollin, Coinroll and so on.
Martingale is one of the most common Bitcoin gambling strategies. But do note that it is also the betting progression that is resulting in the maximum incidents in which entire bankrolls are lost. The concept of Martingale is quite simple. You need to choose a bet that will be returning your bet doubled in case of your win. Now you have to start to bet. In case you win, you need to go back to your original wager. But in case you lose, you should double your bet. This way when you win eventually, you would have made your original wager in the profits that you earn. Now if you do not consider probability here, everything will appear alright. However, the fact remains that the probability of you losing at any given time remains the same, assuming that you do not change the game that you are playing. This is why this strategy can lead to the bankruptcy of so many gamblers. Also note that the amount you need to bet so that you win back your original wager will increase exponentially if you are losing. Hence you may end up losing all till it is too late.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Piano tiles 2 APK MOD For High Score

Do’t and piano Tiles Faucet The White Tile farther show the most programs usually are the most maddening. The game play is not complex – just the keys that are black, in buy, as fast as possible. Piano Tiles gamers who effectively evade the tiles will compose a tune reflecting a contemporary Beethoven or Pachelbel as the title implies. Though Elise ca’t relieve the pain of gamers unhappy with their highscores. That’s where Do’t Faucet Piano Tiles cheats and The White Tile come in to perform.

piano tiles

You’ll want the program via Cydia Bigboss Repo and a iOS apparatus. Open Piano Tiles up and make sure it remains running in the back ground. Subsequently open iFile. It is possible to enter the score of your desires right into the amount field. Now, near Piano Tiles, re open it, and voila. Your private best represents that you will be a Piano Tiles prodigy. See the movie below.


Have a responsible conscience? There are Piano Tiles Do’t and 2 Faucet methods and The White Tile hints to assist you finetune your finger pattering abilities. Another program game strategy setting your smart phone on Airplane Mode to prevent advertising breaks in addition to indicates which you remove any display protection for best susceptibility to sense exploits.